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General Foot Care

We cover all aspects of general foot care from cutting toe nails, thickened nails, fungal infections, verrucae's and treatment of corns and callous, the two most common foot conditions we see.

Thickened nails are very common and quite often become very difficult to cut yourself. Using specialised podiatric equipment we are able to reduce the thickness and re-shape nails effectively.

Callous and corns are both caused by repeated friction and pressure in areas of the feet. Callouses will appear as thickened skin which seems to be a protective response to the friction or pressure. Corns have a central core which will often cause pain with direct pressure. They will often be found under the surface of toe joints (hard corns) or between toe clefts (soft corns). Both can be removed efficiently and painlessly. Your podiatrist may also assess the cause of the callous/corn formation and give recommendations on prevention through footwear, padding modifications or deflective orthotics.

Cracked heels appear as small fissures in the skin that can become painful and bleed. Thickened skin can also sometimes be present. Cracked heels can be genetic but can also be related to poor footwear. Treatment involves painless scalpel debridement and education on maintaining and prevention of cracked heels.

Fungal nail infections are hugely common and can be associated with tinea pedis more commonly known as 'athletes foot'. The initial changes in the nail occur at the edges of the nail which normally becomes yellow and crumbly, thickening may follow.  There are several topical treatment options available for the treatment on fungal infection of the toenails and feet.

Verrucae or plantar warts usually have a rough surface which slightly protrude from the skin. Tiny blood capillaries can often be seen and they can sometimes be painful. They can be distinguished from a corn by 'squeezing' the verrucae. Verrucae can more than often not cause any pain and will at times disappear on their own. 

Other general problems we treat include Bunions and Arthritis.