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Services Provided

Nail & Skin Assessment: Your nail and skin assessment will cover all your need including the treatment or corns, callouses, verrucae's, ingrown toenails and more. Recommendations will be given for your nail or skin condition and further assessment will be provided if needed.

Biomechanical Assessment: The biomechanical assessment is crucial in order to determine the management and treatment of leg and/or foot pain. It will include a thorough assessment of the lower limb in a weight-bearing and non-weightbearing position. Most importantly a gait analysis will be carried out to assess your walking and/or running style. Assessment of your footwear will also compliment this service.

Orthotic Therapy: Orthotic devices are available to treat all aspects of foot and lower limb problems and can be used to treat and manage both services discussed above. There are several types of orthotics devices available including pre-fabricated orthotics and custom-orthotics. The type of orthotic best fitted for you will be determined by the outcome of the assessment.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery: Ingrown toenails can become a persistent problem for some individuals. We offer a nail surgery treatment which involves removing the piece of nail causing the problem. The procedure is usually quick and multiple edges can be done at the same time. The surgery is done under a local anesthetic and is a permanent treatment of ingrown toenails.

Footwear Assessment: A footwear assessment will be carried out at the time of your appointment and advice will be given when required. A referral can also be provided for patients who require specialised fitting.